Robert M. Everett




(The following was rresearched and compiled by Faye Bell, SLC) 2015


            Robert (Bob) Mirven Everett was born 13 August 1926 in Mitchell, Scotts Bluff, NE to Len and Ruth [1] Everett and the family were in Scotts Bluff County until 1935.  Robert had  three siblings in the Everett family at that time, Wilma (9); Willard (7); and Nadine an infant.  That year the family was listed as residents in both Nebraska and Wyoming and Bob was 9 years old in Manderson, WY.  This leaves questions about the age of his sister Wilma at the time.   He enlisted in the U.S. Army from the state of New Jersey but as a Wyoming resident February  7, 1946. .  After WW II he married Bessie Blanche Bull, daughter of Frank and Mellie Bull, 5 July 1946 in Worland, Wyoming.  The couple had two daughters:  Vonda Everett Eshcrich (John) and Lana Everett Brown (Sand Point, ID).   He died February 27, 1992 in Billings Montana preceded in death by his wife Bessie.  His lifetime labors were with the Rural Electric Association, headquartered in Basin, WY.



Memories:  Bob Everett was a man who minded his own affairs and let others to tend their own.  He was a steady, dedicated employee of REA, a faithful husband, and a good citizen in the community.  fb

[1] The wife in 1930 census was listed as Ruth and in the 1940 census the wife was listed as Iris.