Researched and compiled by Faye Bell (SLC) 2012



            Blanche was born in Iowa May 1872 (as per the 1900 Federal census) and she married Walter S Fiscus in 1896.  The couple were living in Ten Sleep, Bighorn Co. WY at the time.  She and Walter had no children.   In that day and age, she did what women mostly did— she kept house.  By 1910, they had a spacious residence on 2nd Street which Walter built in close proximity to the Federal Building that once stood there.  She was active in the Methodist Church, Ladies Aid of the same, and in the Community Club.  When Ten Sleep’s first library was founded, it was housed in the Methodist Church.  At that time she served as an assistant librarian for the venture.  In 1942, her sister Mrs. Nichols from Iowa, was on an extended visit to the Fiscus household.  Walter and Blanche and her sister met with a one-car accident just outside Ten Sleep on a cold winter morning when the roads were icy.  She died because of the accident at the age of 71.



Memories:  Mrs. Fiscus maintained  a modicum of elegance for the small Wyoming town of Ten Sleep in her apparel and her activities.  One special memory I have of her is that she stopped me as she and other ladies were coming out of the Ten Sleep Drugstore  (abt 1941) as I was entering the store, “Young lady, your father was the best looking man in this country when he was young!”   I’ve treasured the memory of it!  fb