Researched and compiled by Faye V Bell, SLC, 2012



            Allegedly, Preserved O (Orphansent) Fish was abandoned as a baby on a Scottish Loch  in 1883.  The people around Ten Sleep thought put some stock in it and Historian William F Bragg, Casper, WY in his book “Rough and Ready” mentioned it.  It was an amusing word game with vain imaginings, but it is incorrect.  Preserved Offensend Fish was born in New York, and unfailingly states this on U.S.  Census’s 1910, 1920 and 1930.  Another of the alleged tales was that he had been employed as a gentleman’s valet in England before coming to Wyoming.    In 1900, Mr. Fish is shown on the census record as a partner in homesteading with Pete Shandy, an early school teacher on Spring Creek from Kansas, (at that time in Big Horn County), WY.   Even at that time Fish would have been only 17 years old and certainly unmarried and had no time to become a valet to anyone anywhere.   The Federal records show his occupation as ‘farmer’.   It was also reported locally that Preserved had been employed by the X-Bar-X ranch (now Bay State owned by P. Lyman, formerly Wm Spratt) and it is possible that he was, but by the 1920 census records it shows his wife Jeannie (Jennie) and their first child, a daughter, shows up as 6 years old  making her born in 1914 and a son George H Fish born in 1917; they resided in Election District #1, Park County, Wyoming although both children were born in Montana.  That proves that P O Fish had been here and there for a decade or more.  On September 12, 1916, he registered for WW I draft as Preserved Offensend Fish living in Belfrey, Carbon County, MT and born on August 14, 1883 in New York.  The draft card says Preserved Fish is of slender build, blue-eyed and brown haired.


            By 1930, the Fish family are registered in District #3, Washakie County, WY.  They were living in Ten Sleep up until ca. 1938 and were, by loss of the head of the home, forced to find another place to live. Preserved O[ffensend] Fish died in 1935 leaving his two children [Sadie and George H] and a child in the household named Robert [Bobby] Fish who had attended school in Ten Sleep.


NOTE:  Neither Faye V Bell,  Vanguards of the Valley nor William F Bragg  “Rough and Ready” (both wrote about this man) are correct in their writings.  There is much to be said about modern technology in the digital world.  I am happy to correct those errors.  FB