Researched and compiled by Faye V Bell (SLC) 2014

{Funeral arrangements and services data contributed from the Worland newspaper by Terril Mills, T.S. 2014}




Phyllis Anita Ford was born 7 May 1930 to Charles and Blanche [Emory] Ford.  She passed away on March 31, 1934.  She had been unwell for some time, but succumbed after a bad cold and complications.  The 4-year old was the couple’s only child.  Funeral services were held at the Methodist Church at Ten Sleep on Easter Sunday.  A vocal quartette of Florence Shriver, Blanche Fiscus, Jack Herald and Don Pearson accompanied by A. J. Schnorr sang for the services.  Willia Ferry, accompanied by her mother, Mrs. E. T. Ferry, sang a solo.



Memories:  I saw Phyllis Anita Ford only once.  The Fords were running a dairy service for the townspeople.  I was there (4 years old, too) with my dad, Millard F. Moses and saw the child playing outside in a red snowsuit.  She died about a month later.  The dairy business was down by the wedding of the Ten Sleep and Nowood creeks where the Foster L Mills family lived for a few decades.  Fb