Margaret S. Frison

1865 – 1954




Researched and compiled by Faye Bel (SLC) 2015


            Using the currently available census and public records, the following are pertinent to this pioneer lady of Ten Sleep area.

            She was born in Missouri as Margaret (Maggie) Shields  on October 10, 1865.  She married Jacob Charles Frison in De Soto, Jefferson, Missouri on March 31, 1891.  They moved to Leadville, Colorado and thence to Basalt County and 1901 they came overland by covered wagon  to Ten Sleep.  They were 69 days on the road according to Jacob C Frison account.  In 1910 the couple had five sons and one daughter:   George S., Paul P., Theodore (Ted), Robert S., James Alfred and Annella.  They lived on their homesteaded ranch until her passing in 1954.  She was preceded in death by her husband, Jake and James Alfred Frison and George S Frison, two sons; and her daughter Annella.  She home taught her children in an era where schools were few and far between.  A picture of her in her youth with her husband makes a statement of her status and beauty.