GORMAN, TOM-news article

NOTE. Much is written on Tom Gorman, this news article only covers the basic facts in the tragic death.  His wife Maggie McClellan Gorman was found not guilty, James Gorman, is another story.  See the book “Goodbye, Judge” Lynch by John W. Davis.

Enterprise no. 31 June 21, 1902, page 10

Murder Near Hyattville

It's pretty difficulty to have the mind realize that a wife, bound by sacred ties, and a natural brother would be the parties to the murdering of a husband and brother, but unless all the circumstances surrounding the taking off of Tom  Gorman are at fault, such is the case in the latest and most cruel murder in Big Horn County. The deceased lived and had a ranch on Brokenback creek, about forty miles from Basin, his household consisting of himself, wife and younger brother, James Gorman. Sometime since the older brother noticed a suspicious fondness between his wife and James and having this belief strengthened by neighbors' talk he drove him away. A few months since however, he returned and has since made his home with Tom. It would appear that the deceased became convinced that unlawful relations were maintained between the guilty pair and frequent quarrels resulted. Mrs. Gorman and James finally decided to commit the foul deed that ended in taking the life of husband and brother, and fleeing together to distant parts. The dastardly crime must have been committed several days since. Tom Gorman's disappearance from his usual haunts excited the suspicion of his neighbors and they decided to notify the authorities. The guilty pair having received knowledge of this action packed

 up a greater portion of the household goods, including provisions and bedding,  left the place before Sheriff Hale's arrival. This official, after a careful search discovered the body about 100 yards from the house. An attempt bad been made to conceal the crime by burning the body and it was hardly recognizable. The sheriff instantly sent word to Dept. Sheriff Frank James and that official started in pursuit. After considerable hard riding the deputy hit their trail and finally closed in on them about daylight near Lone Tree about half way between here and Basin. Gorman was disposed to offer resistance but a glance in the barrel of a gun behind which was the determined countenance of Dept. James convinced him that such a course was foolish. The outfit consisting of two double teams, a wagon and buggy, were turned around for Basin, Gorman being locked up and his partner in crime being closely guarded.  The coroner, Dr. Hale, had a jury summoned and after hearing what evidence was obtainable returned a verdict that the deceased came to his death by being beaten to death with a blunt instrument by unknown parties. This verdict in the absence of direct evidence was the only one that could be rendered. There is not the possibility of doubt but the parties in custody committed the frightful crime.

Cody Enterprise.


In addition to the above information has been received that the little daughter of the murdered man is also missing. When the man and woman hurriedly left the scene of their crime the little girl was taken with them but when arrested she was not to be found. The fear is entertained that she was pushed from the wagon and was drowned in the Big Horn river.


NOTE. It was later shown that there was no daughter present when they were arrested near what is present day Emblem, Wyoming, but perhaps she was left with the grandfather Kenneth McClellan near Ten Sleep.