(Researched by Faye Bell—SLC, 2016)


                  Neil Charles Geis was born to Nick and Hazel Irene Harvard Geis on 2 August 1928 and joined his brother Homer.  After his birth there were four other children: Harold, Jane, Jerry and Lyle.  Another sibling died as a baby—Nicholas V. Geis 1925-1928.    Until about 1948, the GeisŐs lived in Upper Nowood, but they moved their business to Worland circa 1948.   The Geis family owned a livestock hauling company and most of the sons enjoyed the occupation of truck drivers for the family business.  Neil enlisted in the U.S. Navy and served there 1951-1953   (no military record could be located through, but it was common knowledge in the locality that he was serving in the Navy) when he married Elizabeth (Beth) Waln, daughter of Mary and Arnold Waln of Ten Sleep October 27, 1952.  He and Beth had three daughters: Ava, Clytie and Jeanette.  Post military, he drove semis for the Geis Trucking Company headquartered in Worland, WY.  He and his family lived in a more rural part of Worland for a number of years.  Due to weather conditions, Neil (Doc) was killed in a truck accident on 27 December 1991.