The following was researched by Faye Bell (SLC) 2016

            Louie Peter Gerstner was born in Ness City, Kansas on the 19th of October 1918 to Jacob Gerstner and his wife Rosa Gabel of Russian descent; he joined Paul and Felicita Gerstner (brother and sister).  Other children added to the family were Isidore, Katherine, Hurbert, John, Angelus, Joseph and Mary.  After WW II, he married Muriel Early (formerly of Upper Nowood/Big Trails area ) and they settled on the Early family holdings.  Five children were born to the Gerstners: John and Jeanie (Twins) and Lonna, Michael and Stephen  Gerstner.  Louie enlisted in the military (WW II) 6 October 1945 and was mustered out 26 August 1948.  He served as the Upper Nowood school bus driver and held the position for a number of years— it is believed he held this position through the schooling of his own children.  They subsisted on the school bus salary and the earnings from their Big Trails holdings. He passed away on 23 April 1991 in Wyoming.  He was survived by his wife, Muriel, and all of their children.


Memories:  Quiet and unassuming, he came and went with little ado.  I recall seeing Al Williams and his wife, Lillian Early, MurielÕs sister and Muriel and Louie in WilliamsÕ car after WW II was over and then both families lived in Ten Sleep for a while.   And for a time, John Early, their brother, was also in the area.  It seemed like the Earlys had come back to stay. The Earlys were all very tall, fairly sedate and kept to themselves a good deal.  Although that may have been because of their home site in the Upper Nowood zone.    fb