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Edna Lucile Pyle Greet





Edna Lucile Pyle born 01 Nov 1891 in Hull, Pike, Illinois; died 08 Aug 1968 in Worland, Washakie, Wyoming. She was the daughter of Edgar Parker Pyle and Mary Electa Hoback



Husband and Wife (husband Frank Greet, wife Edna Lucile Pyle)

HUSBAND Frank Greet

Residence Bigtrails, Wyo. Removals to Ten Sleep, 1952

Date and Place of Birth Oct. 1st, 1885, in Knightsville, Indiana

Date and Place of Death and where Buried May 22, 1967 - buried Ten Sleep, Wyo.

Height 5 ft 8 Weight 165 Size Chest 40m Physical Defects none Health good

Complexion Fair Color Hair light brown Color Eyes blue .

Education grade school Politics Republican Religion Seventh Day Adventist


Notes for Edna Lucile Pyle

PYLE FAMILY, From Edna (Pyle) Greet

My great-grandfather on my father's side was a Dr. Ralph Pyle of New Orleans, Louisiana, but there is some reason to believe that he was originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He was married to Rachel Shinn, who was born in New Jersey, off English Quaker parents, on October 5, 1794. My grandfather, Joseph G. Pyle, was born Sept. 8, 1812, in Philadelphia. On February 25, 1837 he was married to Catherine Long, of Ohio, where they were married. Dr. Pyle had died in New Orleans, on February 4, 1828. His widow moved to Pike County, Illinois, where the Shinns and Grandfather Pyle and brother David took up Homesteads.

Grandfather and Grandmother Pyle had ten children: Mary A., Rachel Celeste, Sarah C., James Warren, John D., Laurana, Maria E., George Rutledge, Edgar Parker, Martha Ann and May.

My father, Edgar Parker, married Mary Electa Hoback on October 30, 1880, in Griggsville, Illinois. They had eight children: Herbert, Leon, Edgar Rupert, Florence Laurana, Harvey Clifford, Joseph Bartley, May Rosamond, Edna Lucile, and James Harold. All but three died in infancy. My sister, Florence, married George Coleman in March, 1909. She was born on December 13, 1883, and died July 31, 1961. They had one son, Arthur Lauren, April 11, 1910.

I was born November 1, 1891, and was married to Frank Greet on February 5, 1913. Our children's birthdays are as follows: George Edgar, March 7, 1914, Margorie Elizabeth, April 11, 1917, James Elmer, July 10, 1918, Neil Franklin, April 12, 1928, Mary Laurana, July 22, 1929 and John Wilfred, December 24, 1930.

My brother, James H. Pyle was born January 27, 1896. He married Margaret Wyoma Hemery, December 23, 1928. They have one son Charles Edgar, born October, 1929.

On June 20, 1910, Edna Pyle was given a Second Class Certificate by the State of Wyoming, Department of Public Instruction for a period of two years on the basis of examination with the following grades: Orthography 81, Reading 83, Penmanship 88, Arithmetic 89, English Grammer 81, Geography 74, Civil Government U. S. 94, History and Constitution U. S. 63, Civil Government of Wyoming 77, Physiology and Hygiene 89, Rhetoric and Composition 78, and Theory and Practice of Teaching 85. Average grade 83 out of a basis grade of 100. This certificate was registered with the Big Horn County Superintendent, W. F. Brown, September 5, 1910.


Edna Lucile Pyle was born November 1, 1891, near Hull, Illinois to Edgar Parker Pyle and Mary Electa Hoback Pyle. She passed away at 10:20 P.M. Thursday, August 8, 1968 at the Washakie Memorial Hospital.

She is survived by her children; George, Neil, and John of Big Trails, Wyoming. James of College Place, Washington. Marjorie, Mrs. Arthur L. Smith of San Jose, California and Mrs. Mary Jordan of Lander, Wyoming. One brother, James H. Pyle of Big Trails, Wyoming, and also eighteen grandchildren, eight great grandchildren and two nephews. Her husband, Frank preceded her in death, May 22, 1967.

Her early years were spent in the vicinity of Valley City, Illinois. She attended high school at Griggsville, Illinois.

She came with her parents to Wyoming in March, 1908 and her father worked for Noble and Bragg on the Nowood ranch. Her mother ran the cook house. Her sister Florence taught the Nowood school until 1909, when she and George Coleman were married. They lived at the mouth of the Cornell Canyon above Nowood.

In the fall of 1910 they moved to their mountain homestead above Big Trails, where her brother James Pyle is now living.

Edna was married to Frank Greet on February 5, 1913, at the Coleman home, now the Marple ranch on upper Canyon Creek near Big Trails. Four sons and two daughters were born to this union.

Edna was a charter member of the Big Trails Seventh-day Adventist church and enjoyed taking an active part in church activities such as Dorcas. Edna and Frank transferred their membership to Ten Sleep when they moved there in 1952.

Through her love for outdoor life and things of nature she developed some comprehensive rock, fossil and plant collections. She collected fossil specimens from the Big Trails area for the Smithsonian Institute and Wards Natural Science Establishment.

She enjoyed sharing her interests with others and was always alert for information on the many hobbies she had.

All who knew her will remember her as a devoted mother and true friend.

Edna is buried next to her husband Frank Greet in the Ten Sleep Cemetery, Ten Sleep, Wyoming.

The Northern Wyoming Daily News --5, Saturday, August 10, 1968

Early Ten Sleep Resident Dies

Mrs. Edna Lucile Greet, 76, pioneer resident of the Bigtrails community, died Thursday in Washakie Memorial hospital here following a brief illness.

Funeral services will be conducted at 2 p.m. Monday in the Seventh-day Adventist church at Ten Sleep, with the Rev. Richard Stenbakken officiating. Burial will be in Ten Sleep cemetery. Vile mortuary is in charge of arrangements.

Mrs. Greet was born Nov. 1, 1891, in Griggsville, Ill., the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Pyle. She came to Upper Nowood in 1908 with her parents who were employed by Noble and Bragg Co. They later homesteaded at Bigtrails.

On Feb. 5, 1913, she was married to Frank Greet at Bigtrails. He died May 22, 1967, and Mrs. Greet had made her home in Ten Sleep.

Surviving are four sons, George, Neal and John Greet of Ten Sleep who are operating the Greet Bros. ranch, and James of College Park, Wash.; two daughters, Mrs. Arthur (Marjorie) Smith of San Jose, Calif., and Mrs. Mary Jordan of Lander; one brother, James H. Pyle, on the family homestead at Ten Sleep; 19 grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren.


Edna Greet Letter to Marjorie Smith Ten Sleep, Wyo.

July 22, 1951

Dear Sis and Marjorie:

Maybe if I play with the typewriter a while I can get some letters ready to go in the morning. Hope you don't mind. We are having quite changeable weather, with a few really warm days -- up in the nineties. Then we have a shower and it turns cool; quite cool some times. Had showers night before last and yesterday. Cloudy today, but no rain. The garden is finally growing pretty good. Are using peas and young beets and tops, and put about 8 quarts of spinach in the freezer Friday.

Wyoma had the Dorcas club up at her house last Thursday, after having to postpone it a couple of times, once because of rain, and next because it conflicted with a dental clinic being held in Worland for school children, for some kind of fluoride treatment. They have to take them again several times, I understand.

Marie and Geneva planned a surprise party for Bonnie and Mary, and all the other July birthdays. Then on Wednesday Mrs. Egbert came along and insisted on Marie driving her pick-up to Powder River for her. Marie's Aunt Zela lives there now. Marie went to Ten Sleep earlier in the week, intending to take her grandmother to see Zela, but she had gone with Zela to see a doctor in Columbus, Mont. This doctor has told her she had diabetes, so she is spending a few days with Zela until she gets so she can give herself the insulin. Zela was with her in her own car when they stopped in here for Marie, and could have taken her over and brought her back, but Mrs. E- wanted to take her pick-up and bring a load of something back, and didn't feel able to drive it herself. They were supposed to have been back today, but haven't seem them yet.

It rained quite hard yesterday morning, then the sun shone a while but toward evening the clouds came up again, and we didn't think any one would come to the party, but Emer Curtis and his family came from Worland, and then Archie and Pauline (Harvard) came. They brought Thelma (Waln, Pauline's sister) and Hazel (Wells ?) with them. Clayton and Alden (Curtis) had spent the night before up at Bert's, and they and Bert and Grace and Marion came, so with all of us and Geneva's company we had a nice little crowd, and had a good time. Earl and Zepha (Conner) had intended bringing ice-cream, and also Breedens. As it was we froze enough ice cubes in the freezer and the three refrigerators to make a hand freezer of cream. Also had cake, cookies and cool-ade.

Well, Earl came in, and by the time he left it was time to get supper, and now it is bedtime. He says it rained hard up there yesterday evening.

We got your letter this morning - Marjorie. John got it out of the P.O. last night. Hope you got the letter with your Navy letter in it, too.

Yes, Mary is still home. Mrs. Bonine got tired of waiting for her I guess, and got some-one else. Mrs. Faussett was wanting some-one, and Mary wants to go over sometime this week and see her. I would be happy to have her home the rest of the summer. We haven't got the front room painted yet. The moths have been rather bad, but are about gone now.

Next morning---- The Jolly Neighbors had their meeting at Godfreys last Wednesday, and I went with Marie. Grace Egbert (Brooks Egbert's daughter, married O'Neil) -- Whatever her name is now - and her husband and baby have been visiting with Brooks and Eula, and she had her movie camera at club and took a lot of pictures. They took a lot of pictures at our branding, and also at the rodeo the 4th. She showed them at club, and said they would show them and some others at the community hall in Ten Sleep the next evening for anyone who wanted to see them. We went, and there was a nice little crowd out. They had some good pictures, especially of the rodeo. Too many hurt. They got a perfect picture of the Furnicase boy's accident. The horse fell on him in such a way that he (the horse) couldn't get up, but just laid there until the men took hold of his legs and rolled him off of the boy. The last I heard was that he had never regained consciousness. They thought there was a blood clot on the brain, and were going to operate, but if he lives it is doubtful if he will be normal. Too bad.

You should have seen the kids here and their 'rodeo' yesterday afternoon. Geneva's nephews are (Frimml's) Jimmie, 12, Denny, 10, and Jerry, 5. They and Bonnie and Rodney and Jeannie were all out in the corral by the barn. Rodney and Denny took urns announcing, in the window above the barn door. The door was the chute gate. "Next if Bonnie Greet on Roan", and Bonnie would come out of the barn bouncing and fanning her horse, pretending he was bucking. Of course the most he could do was trot. Once they announced "Gene Autrey on Outlaw:. One of the boys was pick-up man and would try to take the rider off his horse. Usually the rider jumped off when he figured his horse was through bucking. When they got tired of that they had some trick horses. Bonnie had been practicing riding standing up. The first time I saw her one of the boys led the horse, but since then she holds the reins herself - just for a few steps of course. She put on that act, and then it was "Rodney Greet on Old Dutchie". The announcer would ask the horse questions and Rodney would get him to nod or shake his head. They had a lot of fun, and Mary and I watched and laughed. Jeannie was perched on top of the tallest gate post all the time, and Jerry was in the window with the announcer. They tear around on the horses all the time, and rope and ride the calves, so I never thought of being afraid they would get hurt. One thing makes me nervous - when Bonnie takes Jeannie on behind her when she is riding. Sometimes goes pretty fast, and Jeannie bounces so high, but she sure hangs on. She is so tiny. Oh, yes -- when they had enough rodeo they announced a picnic and then swimming, and they turned their horses loose and went home, laughing and yelling in best cowboy fashion.

Well, it is evening again, and supper is ready. John and George took a few head of cattle to the mountain this morning. Bonnie and Rodney had to go to Worland for another dental treatment, so Frank took them down to Breedens (neighbors about half way from the ranch to Ten Sleep) to go with their kids. Mary Denny takes a school but load from Ten Sleep, or at least she did last week. Geneva took the truck and some salt, and her family & Mary and went up this afternoon. After Bonnie and Rodney got home this evening they got on their horses and started out. Were going as far as Jim's (Pyle's) tonight, and on up in the morning. Will probably come down Wednesday morning, as they have to be in Worland again Wed. afternoon.

Marie got home last night. She and Neil both have bad colds, and I think Neil is going to Ten Sleep pretty soon for some medicine or something. Frank is ready for supper, so guess I'd better quite.

Am so glad you have good prospects of getting a house in Guam (Arthur Smith was in the US Navy and was stationed on Guam) soon, and hope you enjoy your stay there and keep well.

Take good care of yourself and children.

Lots of love-



Marriage Notes for Frank Greet and Edna Pyle:

Certificate of Marriage

I HEREBY CERTIFY, That on the 5th day of February A.D. 1913 in, Washakie Co., I joined in marriage Mr. Frank Greet of Bigtrails and Miss Edna L. Pyle of Bigtrails in presence of Fred Greet of Bigtrails, Wyoming, in presence of Ethel Douglas of Tensleep, Wyoming and in presence of Ernest Greet of Tensleep, Wyoming. IN WITNESS WHEREOF I have hereunto set my hand this 5th day of February A.D. 1913. Arthur B. Campbell, Clergyman.

The State of Wyoming, County of Washakie, Office of the County Clerk

Filed for Record on the 12th day of February, A.D. 1913, signed, E. M. Conant, County Clerk

More About Frank Greet and Edna Pyle:

Marriage: 05 Feb 1913, Big Trails, Washakie, Wyoming10

Marriage license: 01 Feb 1913, Mr. Frank Greet and Miss Edna L. Pyle, both of Washakie County, State of Wyoming, signed by E. M. Conant, County Clerk

Children of Frank Greet and Edna Pyle are:

i. George Edgar Greet, *10,11,12, born 07 Mar 1914 in Rochester, Olmstead, Minnesota12,13; married Geneva Marie Frimml, * 18 May 1938 in Ten Sleep, Washakie, Wyoming13; born 06 Feb 1917 in Liscomb, Marshall, Iowa14,15; died 06 Feb 2007 in Worland Healthcare & Rehabilitation Center, Worland, Wyoming.

Notes for George Edgar Greet, *:

News From Big Trails: The Worland Grit, No. 3, Jan. 2, 1914, page 5.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Greet expect to leave in a few days for Rochester, Minn., Where Mrs. Greet will receive medical treatment.

Fred Greet spent a few days with his sister, Mrs. Will Douglas.

Oscar Hoback of Ten Sleep spent a few days with his nieces Mrs. Frank Greet and Mrs. G. A. Coleman.

Henry Bruner, of Big Trails, was a business visitor in Worland this week.

News From Big Trails: Northern Wyoming Daily News, Worland, Wyoming, 29 Nov. 1950

Frank Greet returned to Worland on Wednesday for further medical attention. His lung condition is now better, but he is having an attack of sciatic rheumatism which is giving him very much pain in his back and legs. Mrs. Greet is with him.

Mr. and Mrs. Bert Ainsworth were Thanksgiving guests to Mr. and Mrs. Earl Conner and family. Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Pile, Mrs. Arthur L. Smith and her three children, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Ainsworth and Marion Ainsworth.

Mr. and Mrs. George Greet and children entertained Mr. and Mrs. Thorne at a Thanksgiving dinner. Mrs. Thorne is the childrens's teacher.

Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Hoback of Ten Sleep enjoyed Thanksgiving dinner with Mr. and Mrs. Neil Greet.

Mrs. Frank Greet was a Thanksgiving dinner guest at the Worland home of Mr. and Mrs. Will Greet. Other guests were Mr. and Mrs. Fred Greet and Mr. and Mrs. James Greet, Bette and Jimmy. A tray dinner was taken to Frank Greet who was confined to his bed at that time.

Asked Dad, Thursday Jan. 27, 2011, at dinner about their wedding. He could not remember who the minister was but that it was the Methodist minister as the Adventist minister had not been ordained yet. Fred asked him if his name was Goff. He wasn't sure but maybe. He does not know where their wedding certificate is or if they had a wedding book. Floyd Hills stood up with him. He could not remember who Mom's bridesmaid was. Their was a small group of attendees, including his parents in Fred and Cora Conor's yard. The reception was planned by Dora at the ranch, but it rained and the only one to show up was Louis Cogdill on horseback. I didn't ask about the time. They took their honeymoon soon to Geneva's parents in Nebraska with Frank and Edna Greet's car. Evidently they felt the folks car was better than their own.

Here's Rev. Reginald F. Goff's obituary from the Northern Wyoming Daily News of Oct. 1, 1996, page 2, on which Bonnie wrote, "Married George & Geneva Greet, May 18, 1938.

Rev. Reginald F. Goff

TUCSON, Ariz. --- Former Worland resident Rev. Reginald F. Goff, 90, died on Monday, Sept. 23 in Tucson, Ariz.

He was born in Clarksburg, Ontario, Canada, on Dec. 7, 1905.

Upon graduating from Asbury College in Wilmore, Ky., Rev. Goff married his wife Verla and began a 27-year pastoral ministry in the Rocky Mountain Conference of the United Methodist Church. His service included a long pastorate in Tremonton, Utah, and 19 years as pastor of the Worland United Methodist Church, from 1944 through 1963.

He continued for an additional 23 years in ministry as leader of Prayer Life Seminars, as a retreat speaker, and in missionary work which took him to every state of the U.S., as well as Canada, Mexico, Africa, South America, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, the Philippines, India and Pakistan. He was a popular speaker for Christian Ashrams, Camps Farthest Out, and various denominational churches.

He was the author of two books, "Prayer, An Exciting Adventure," and "Helps for Praying Christians."

He had been a Tucson resident since 1963.

Survivors include his wife; a son, James of Tuscon; a daughter, Ruth Penton of Mobile, Ala.; a granddaughter, Amy Goff; and numerous nieces and nephews in Canada.

The memorial service is scheduled for 1 p.m. today at the First United Methodist Church in Tucson, with Pastor David Devereaux and the Rev. James Long officiating. Private burial services will be held at Evergreen Cemetery in Tucson.

Memorials may be made to the Circle J Ranch in Ten Sleep.

Love, Dad, Bonnie and Fred