Marvin George Greet


Marvin George Greet son of George Edgar and Geneva Frimml Greet was born June 13, 1946, and passed away April 13, 1947, at the age of exactly ten months.

Baby Marvin developed into a strong, healthy, happy baby, and on Saturday, the day before his death, he took his first steps all by himself.  He was a good baby, and always has a smile for everyone.  He amused himself with whatever he found to play with, and moved about the house very rapidly.  On Sunday afternoon, realizing he had disappeared from the living room, his mother looked for him.  She found him in the pantry hanging over the edge of her granite canner.  There was about an inch and a half or two of milk in the bottom of the canner.  It is thought that the baby stretched to paddle in the milk, lost his balance and fell face down into the milk.

Fist aid instructions were followed very carefully from the first.  Dr. Bealmer, who was fishing at the French ranch was summoned, and not until after working for more than two hours, was it decided that life was gone.

Survivors are his heart-broken parents, Mr. and Mrs. George Greet, their two older children, Bonita Marie and Rodney Frank, his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Greet, and Mr. and Mrs. Frank Frimml of Marshalltown, Iowa, and many aunts, uncles and cousins.

"A little nest lasts but a day,

Our fledglings brave soon fly away;

They beat their wings in life's long flight,

Through storms and perils of the night.

But the little boy God keeps for me,

Is just as safe as safe can be."