Emma Grout

18?? – 19-??


Research on EMMA GROUT (no dates on record) only PIONEER on marker


            Report by Faye V. Bell (SLC) 2017


            I gave this a cursory trial 3 years ago, but after doing Lillian Early Williams obituary research, I had a clue to GROUT as a surname in the area as LillianŐs mother was named Norma Florence Grout and she married John W Early in 1917, I attempted once again to find out who the PIONEER Emma Grout was.  First, in order to be a pioneer in that area you had to have been born ca. 1876.  Second, There is a second marker placed there during the fifties/sixties sometime and it may have replaced a third marker on rough tin made by my parents (Millard and Fae Moses in 1946/47).  The current marker as above-mentioned has no dates on it.  But the body of Emma Grout is buried in 16E which is part of the Lewis/Zina McCreery lots.  Since Norma Grout Early was born I893 I felt that her mother had to be born by 1870-1875 possibly.  No research substantiated it using Ancestry.Com; FamSearch.org and Roots.web.

            With that in mind, I searched out the family of Lew McCreery who married Margaret Conner who was born in Canada about 1861.  She was from a rather large family and one of her sisters was Emma Conner.   That seemed to be more than likely, but there is no proof of that EXCEPT:



1.      Buried in Lewis/Zina McCreery plot -16E

2.     Inscribed as a pioneer

3.     Ernest Loy Grout, born in Grout, Gladwin, Michigan at Red Bank, b 1878.

4.     Lewis & Margaret Conner McCreery came to Ten Sleep from Grout, Gladwin, Michigan, too!

5.     Ernest Loy Grout sold his land to Jacob Frison (now Carter holdings)  1902 (T47R88)

6.     Lewis McCreery bought his land from  D. Denny (Anderson Ranch to date) 1901 (T47R88)

7.     Margaret McCreery (Maggie) speculating with land (same TR) 1899.  (for her sister?)

8.     Margaret McCreery has a sister named Emma J Connor (dates 1861 to Unknown)

9.     Ernest  Loy Grout  on Red Bank  age 22 (single).

10.  1903 Ernest Loy Grout md Letia Feretig in Basin Wyoming.


This doesnŐt say that Ernest is EmmaŐs spouse; but he could be Emma Connor GroutŐs son.  I feel assured that this is why Emma Grout is buried in the McCreery cemetery plot 16E in Ten Sleep and why she is considered PIONEER.   There is no other evidence to support this theory.  But Ernest Loy Grout seems to be the connection.[1]



[1] I believe this places Emma GroutŐs death between 1895 and 1900.

[2] All deeds and records are referenced in Vanguards  of the Valley,  Faye V. Bell, 1985, SLC and are pulled from Big Horn County, BASIN, Wyoming land records.