Researched and compiled by Faye Bell (SLC) 2012

            John W Hawks was born in 1903 in Nye, Stillwater, MT (as per the U.S. census 1910) to John [Jack] S Hawks and Adie M Putton.  He was the oldest of  his siblings.  He had a brother George Hawks and two sisters—Zula (Zella) and Thelma.  In the 1920ís John Hawks moved into the Ten Sleep area and was married and had a daughter Wilma. 

Memories:  His daughter Wilma Hawks lived with her grandmother Mrs. Hawks and went to school in Ten Sleep.  She graduated from Ten Sleep H.S. with honors.  She eventually became a faculty member of the University of Idaho and was until 1986 as far as I know.  Fb


NOTE: John W Hawk Headstone reads 1903 – 1927.According to his obituary, he was born in 1903, he married to Bessie Means in 1927 and he died in 1931.There is discrepancy between the Headstone and the Worland grit Obituary.Faye Bell remembers a Hawks being killed while working on the mountain in 1927.

Worland Grit, Thursday, August 20, 1931