Lewis M Jacobs

1857 – 1931


Researched and compiled by Faye Bell (SLC) 2012

Taken from Federal Census , an Article by Mrs. Zula Anderson in History of Washakie County, by its people, published in 1976 

            Lewis M Jacobs was born 16 Dec 1857 (Ancestry.com) in Monroe, Greene Co, WIS, the son of Alden Benjamin Wilson Jacobs and Sarah Emily Abernathy, but came to Nebraska and was in Creighton, Knox Co, NE in 1880.  Lewis Jacobs was the second child of Alden & Sarah Jacobs and had 5 brothers and 5 sisters.   He married Mary Stella Gaskill before 1887 in Nebraska.  In the following decade the couple had 5 children:   Archie Lewis, Altha Mabel, Earl Elwood, William Lester, and Edna Rose.   The couple immigrated to Wyoming where Jesse Alden Jacobs and Floella Marie were born.  The Jacobs farmed on Spring Creek and Lewis M was noted for his abilities as a horticulturist (experimenting with different crops, etc.).  Some local sources pointed out Lew Jacobs as a freighter from Rome Hill and in the surrounding area.  Lewis Jacobs, according to his Grandaughter Zula Arnold Anderson (daughter of Altha Mabel and Bert Arnold) built several good houses in the area and instigated the first indoor plumbing that she was aware of in the area.  He had strong work ethics and lived a productive life.   His wife, Stella, passed away in 1921. Lewis Jacobs died in Ten Sleep, Washakie Co, WY July 19, 1931.

From “Vanguards of the Valley”, researched and authored by Faye V Bell, SLC, p. 54, pbl.1987.

“On the Spring Creek, Lew Jacobs built a new house with a spacious living room—not for living, but for dancing.  Dan Peterson, the sixty-year old carpenter from Illinois, would tuck the violin under his chin, while Oscar Atwood would pluck the guitar with Mrs Jess (Alice) van Buskirk at the organ.  The Jacob’s house would rock with the stomp of “Marching through Georgia” or swing with the lilting “Over the Waves.”


Worland Grit, Thursday, July 23, 1931