Researched and compiled by Faye Bell (SLC) with help from Webby Jarrett (older brother of Bertha Ann Jarrett, Springfield, NE) and Ancestry.Com, U.S. Census, etc.,



            Bertha Ann Jarrett was born during WW II (July 8, 1942) in Worland, WY, the daughter of Web (Wilbur Clyde and Bertha Mae Boyle Jarrett.  Her life was a short one and she joined her brother who was born and died on October 24, 1937, William Douglas Jarrett , the first infant of the Web Jarrett family.  Her older brother, Webby Jarrett reports that his little sister had been very excited about attending Kindergarten in the fall of 1947, but on her birthday, July 8, 1947, they could not wake her.  Spinal meningitis had full hold over the child and although they hastened by July 12 to fly her to Casper for additional medical help, she passed away on their arrival at Casper, WY four days after her 5th birthday.