Researched and compiled by Faye Bell (SLC) 2013 with special help From Bertha Mae Jarrett’s son Wilbur Edward Jarrett November 10, 2013.



            Bertha Mae Jarrett was born April 23, 1918 in Wyoming to William and Lora Boyle.  They moved to Ten Sleep about 1934 and were there approximately 3 years before Bertha Mae married Wilbur.  Their first child, a son William Douglas Jarrett was born and died 1937 living approximately 8 hours.  A daughter named Bertha Ann Jarrett was born in 1942 and died 1947 (see obituary for Bertha Ann).  She and Web Jarrett had another son Wilbur Edward Jarrett (Webby Jarrett) born in 1939.  Two more daughters joined the family—Barbara Lou and Lora Mable.  The family were close-knit and they were in touch with Bertha’s brother up until June 3, 1944.  Parker H Boyle who was killed in the Invasion of France (Normandy) June 10, 1944.  A couple of letters indicate the close-knit relationship between the Boyle children—Bertha’s brothers and herself.  She passed away 12 January 1999.  She was preceded in death by both of her parents, all of her brothers (Parker H, Bill D and Ellis Eugene, two of her children, and her husband, Wilbur Clyde Jarrett.





Memories:  I recall Bertha Mae Boyle as an infrequent resident in Ten Sleep as she came and went at Memorial Services there.  A woman concerned about looking good and being good remain with my perception of her.  fb