Mildred Smitherlan Johnson

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By Faye V. Bell (SLC), 2017.


                   There were no birth nor death dates for this woman.  The plots 85 A, B,C. and D were purchased by Ivan Johnson and only the 85D has been utilized; the date of purchase was not filed with the Cemetery records as well.  However, Mildred Mills, a town clerk (?) had a spiral notebook in which she made note and she had noted that Ivan Johnson bought the cemetery lots just mentioned.  Since there was but a scanty history of either Ivan Johnson or Mildred S Johnson, the next step was a wild guess in possible birthdates or, if possible, find a connection within the cemetery that would help to identify her.  The name Mildred was practically obsolete by 1940 so I presumed she was born before then. As for Ivan Johnson, I had never heard of him in the area and I lived in T.S. from 1929-1969.  So was queried:   using Ivan Johnson born before 1940 and Mildred probably on same level, a search was made for Ivan Johnson, Wyoming.  The 1920 census gave the following:  Ivan Johnson was 7 years old, he lived in Manderson, WY with his mother Mellie M Emery and his half-sisters Blanche, Hazel and Mable Emery and a younger sister named Vera Johnson ; Ivan was born in 1913.  In the WW 11 draft registration, Ivan was 27, his next of kin was Eleanor M .Johnson, his wife; he died 22 May 1988 in S. Dakota.


At this point Eleanor M (Mildred?) who was his wife might be the woman laid to rest in T.S. cemetery known as Mildred S Johnson.  If so, or at any rate, Ivan purchased the cemetery lots prior to 1988 making the subject woman dead prior to 1988.


Mellie EmeryŐs obituary and news item doesnŐt mention her marrying again  but her husband Burdette Emery died in 1905—both of them lie in the T.S. cemetery. 


More will supplement this attempt to identify the woman forenamed above.  Please post and add as discovered.  Thank you.  fb