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Cornelius “Tuck” Keaton

1833- 1917



KEATON, “TUCK” CORNELIUS (Pioneer)-newspaper articles-obituaries

Worland Grit no. 24 April 29, 1909, page 1

   Tuck Keaton, an old time resident of the southern part of the county is said to be ready at any time to furnish an alibi for Ed Eaton.


Big Horn County Rustler no. 26 March 04, 1910

Dr. Walker made a trip to Mr. “Tuck” Keaton, who has been on the sick list for some time.  The in the southern end of the Basin.


Basin Republican no. 35 March 04, 1910, page 4

Dr. Walker made a trip to Frank Helmer's ranch Sunday to see "Tuck” Keaton, who has been on the sick list for some time. The doctor says there is lots of snow yet in the southern end of the Basin.


Basin Republican no. 13 October 28, 1910

Tuck Keaton in Town

C. (Tuck) Keaton, of Big Trails, one of the old timers whom the pioneers know, has been in town for nearly a week. It has been ten years since "Tuck" has been in Basin and the old town is much changed. He has come to be under the treatment of Dr. Carter, and will go from Basin to

Thermopolis to take the baths there. Joe Henry, the cattle king, is one of "Tuck's" old friends.


Basin Republican no. 17 November 25, 1910, page 7

“Tuck Keaton Worse

"Tuck" Keaton, who has been in Basin for some time and in exceeding by poor health, took a turn for the worse the first of the week. He is stopping at the Mountain View hotel, where Col. Goodrich is giving him every possible attention. Dr. Carter who is in charge, has placed a trained nurse over Mr. Keaton.


Basin Republican no. 20 December 16, 1910

Tuck Keaton Operated Upon.

Tuck Keaton, who has been in Basin for some weeks for the betterment of his health by resting from his labors, was operated upon for stone in the bladder last Wednesday.  Dr. Carter performed the operation and the patient is progressing finely.


Worland Grit no. 9 February 19, 1915, page 6 TRITE TENSLEEP TALES

Old Mr. “Luck” Keeton had a very grievous accident last Wednesday, when he fell down several steps and broke his shoulder.  He was taken to Hyattville for treatment.


Worland Grit no. 27 June 21, 1917, page 1


Cornelius Keeton, (better known in the Big Horn Basin as Old Tuck) passed away at Tensleep, Wyoming, on Monday, June 18th, after a lingering illness of kidney trouble. He has been a resident of the Tensleep country for the past 34 years. He has no family, but one brother in Kentucky. Funeral director, Todd Bowman left Worland Tuesday morning to take care of the remains. Services were held in the Tensleep church Tuesday afternoon and the remains laid at rest in the cemetery at that place. We learn that he served under General Quantral’s Guerilla Raiders (Civil war) at one time and is the last of the number to pass away— he was 84 years of age. His funeral was largely attended by the old-timers.


Worland Grit no. 12 March 20, 1919, page 14

Note. H. H. Hime is the executor of the estate and after two years of notices things are finally settled.


NOTE. The 1900 census for Red Bank Precinct, Wyoming shows a Curneilone Keaton living at the Joseph Henry place. He was born in Kentucky, November 1838.The1850 census shows him as Cornelius Keeton