Reseaerched by Virginia Faye Bell May 21, 2017

            Lester Keeler, son of  Arthur Landfort Keeler and Victoria Wyman (dau of Morrill  and Mary Douglas Wyman, T .S.) was born in 1914; in 1920 the U.S. census listed a brother Floyd A. and a sister Bessie B.  His mother Victoria passed away in 1936  (as per Mary Douglas Wyman’s obituary).    The 1940 U.S. census shows Lester Keeler with wife Clara Eckhardt, and children Collene, Lester M. Karen V(ictoria), I. Ramona (ages  1-5).   At that time they lived in Manderson, WY.  The WW II draft cards reveal that he worked for a Seed Company in Greybull, Wyoming, and that he had gray eyes and dark hair.  Lester  passed away in 1960. 


PS – Lester’s Mother, Victoria Wyman Keeler, is buried in the Riverview Cemetery, Worland, WY.