Researched and compiled by Faye Bell (SLC) 2013



            Mary Nuce McClellan was born in 1865 in Canada to Thomas and Elizabeth Foley.  She met and married George Bear McClellan on 21 Mar 1888 while they both lived in Canada.  The 1891 Canadian census shows the couple with two youngsters: Wilfred and Thomas (ages 2 and 1).  But on the U.S. 1900 Census at Red Bank where they had come to reside, there are no children listed.  Mary, known for her wonderful hats and generous heart, took in Fanny Washburn, a daughter of a former friend, and Catherine MacBean whose mother had emigrated from Scotland with the young girl.  She was a proper woman that stood by George Bear through his ‘hunter’ years and his ‘legislature’ years.  She lived in Worland, Washakie County for a number of years before she passed away in 1947. 



Memories:  I was in the company of William Doyle Wood, son of Catherine MacBean who married Bill Wood, McClellan’s ranch foreman, when Mrs. Mac (an endearing term) was in ill health at the Worland Hospital.  It was about a month before her passing.  She received us graciously in November of 1947.  Fb