MCCREERY, BABY, EDWIN N-paper articles

NOTE. No newspaper article can be found, but descendants say the name is Edwin.  Other paper articles of interest are included here.


Wyoming Tribune no. 263 October 13, 1905, page 2 Tensleep items

L. N. McCreery has moved his family into the Burchard Warner house and Mrs. Morris and children now occupy Mrs. Morris’ house near the church.  Mrs. Morris has moved over from Paint Rock to send her children to school.  Mr. Morris moved her over on Monday.  L. N. McCreery was down from the mountains over Sunday.


Cody Enterprise no. 35 April 19, 1906, page 1


L. N. McCreery besieged and Held Prisoner For Three Days and Nights.

It has been reported from Tensleep that L. N. McCreery had a harrowing experience which a large band of timber solves in his mountain cabin, where he was besieged for several days by the blood—thirsty pack and was once almost pulled down by the animals.  The wolves, ordinarily afraid of human beings, surrounded his cabin and for nearly three days and nights kept him a prisoner without water.

   Suffering keenly from the pangs of thirst, McCreery once during the night, when the wolves had skulked away, made a dash for a spring a few yards from the house, only to be attacked by several of the beasts before he could obtain water, and had his back and arms badly lacerated by the brutes before he could regain the cabin’s shelter. His only loophole through which he could shoot was the window, the wolves keeping on the opposite side of the house, but after killing several of the animals the rest of the pack dispersed.


Basin Republican no. 40 February 15, 1907, page 1

Ten Sleep Notes

The baby of Lew McCreery has been quite sick.

NOTE. This is probably Emmet who was born in 1906.


Worland Grit no. 12 March 19, 1908, page 4

L. N. McCreery has traded his Nowood ranch to Mert Bader for a bunch of horses.  L. N. McCreery’s little daughter, Vernie entered school again after a month’s confinement with a broken leg.


Big Horn County Rustler no. 43 June 05, 1908

   L. N. McCreery  will move his family upon the mountains about the tenth of June.

   L. N. McCreery and son Zina have bought Fred Windsor’s ranch for $2,500.  Mr. Windsor is thinking of going to Canada.


Big Horn County Rustler no. 52 August 07, 1908 Tensleep news

L. N. McCreery, forest ranger, and daughter Mila spent Sunday with friends at Tensleep.


Big Horn County Rustler no. 27 March 17, 1911, page 11 Tensleep Items

Zina McCreery is building a new frame house.  Mr. B. B. Morton came over and bought some town lots and went to the mountains to look after the reserve, as he is forest ranger in L. N. McCreery’s place.


Worland Grit no. 18 March 25, 1911, page 1

The residence of Z. Z. McCreery is now completed.  Mr. L. N. McCreery and daughter Mila have gone to Idaho to see the country, if they like it they will locate there.


Big Horn County Rustler no. 30 April 07, 1911, page 5

Zina McCreery has rented J. E. Richardson’s ranch for this year.  The Circle of the M. E. church met with Mrs. L. N. McCreery.  They were making a suit for one of the boys who take part in the Yeoman play that will be given as soon as the new Tensleep hall is dry from painting.