Clinton Galen McLaughlin was born 23rd of March 1932 to Laura V McCreery and George McLaughlin, the only child the couple had.  He lived his boyhood in Ten Sleep, Wyoming.  It was from Ten Sleep that Clinton (Sandy) joined the Army and served as a private first class in the 5th Cavalry Infantry the 1st Cavalry Division in Korea in 1950-1951.  He was killed in Korea June 1, 1951 and his body returned for burial to the States.   His parents were divorced and his mother Laura was the sole member of his family as Clinton Galen McLaughlin had no siblings.


Memories:  Sandy was as you might suspect red haired—not the soft sandy it sounds, but a very deep red.  His complexion was nearly without color--a very contrasting stark white.  I can see him still as he went to and from school and lived near the convergence of the Nowood and the Ten Sleep creeks.  Always, Sandy seemed to be alone.  In the spring of 1951, a dance was held at the Princess Hall and Sandy was there sitting in one of the chairs placed round the walls of the hall watching the dancers and staring into space.  He was wearing his military uniform, very neat and very tidy.  His uncles, the McCreery boys were strapping men, but Sandy was small probably less than 5 ft 7 inches and of medium weight. My memory of it is that he didn’t dance; he spent the evening alone and did not appear to associate with anyone, but he seemed to be deep in thought.    I recall that at Intermission in the evening, the dancers moved to the doors of the Princess and went into the café part of the building.  I saw Sandy sitting there as the hall emptied and the band went for a break—still alone and still deep in his thoughts. That was Sandy McLaughlin’s last public appearance in Ten Sleep.  He was shipped to Korea and died there in 1951.  (Faye V Bell, SLC, UT May 2012)




Pfc McLaughlin newspaper article dates (provided by Terril Mills):  June 8, 1951 and December 8, 1951