Researched and compiled by Faye Bell (SLC) 2014



            Amanda Elizabeth was born to David and Emily Rogers  July 2, 1906 in Wyoming as attested to by the 1920 census.  She married Melvin Granville Caster May 12,   1927 in Custer, Pennington, South Dakota.  On the 1930 census she is back with her parents and the record says she is divorced (separated?) and she has a 3-year old daughter Emily Caster (born in 1929) with her.  They are in 1930 in Custer, S. Dakota.  Sometime in the early 1930’s she reunited with Melvin Caster and the couple had another daughter, June Caster, born in 1931.  In July of 1934 Melvin was killed by his own father when they all lived on Otter Creek.  Amanda was left to provide for her two small girls   By 1937 she was married to Oren Cunningham of Ten Sleep and they were still together in 1940 at the time of the census in Wyoming living at Nowood.  That marriage dissolved and it appears she married a Mr. McDaniels.  Amanda passed away in August of 1980 leaving her two daughters and their posterity.  Birth and death dates are from the Social Security index.


Memories:  Mrs. Caster was a very handsome woman—tall and slim—almost aristocratic.  She seemed to be a good and agreeable woman and her little girls were everyone’s perception of well mannered.   The revelation that Melvin Caster was murdered by his raging father explains her behavior  when she claimed they were divorced (and maybe they were!) and she lived under her parents roof once more.  Fb