1883[1888] – 1975 [?]


Researched and compiled by Faye V Bell, SLC (2012)




            Ross (Irish) McGuire was elusive when the research began and it took a number of paths to make sure what I found was the Ross McGuire buried in the Ten Sleep Cemetery.



POSSIBLE:  In 1900 Federal Census, a Ross B McGuire was 11 years old, living with Michael J Scully, Edward Scully, Thomas Scully, Ellen Scully McGuire and two sisters Norah and Elizabeth McGuire (15 and 13 respectively).  His mother Ellen, daughter of Michael J Scully is shown as a widow.  The Scullys were born in Ireland everyone of them.  Ross is shown as born in New York—no city named.  However, in 1900 the family (living with their mother and grandfather) are living in Manhattan, New York, New York.  His grandfather and his Uncle Thomas were both belt makers and Edward was a truck driver.


HOWEVER:  James (Jim) W Bell (former Ten Sleep resident) worked with Irish McGuire at the Russell Wood sawmill in the Bighorns in 1952; he reports in 2012 that Irish was a timberjack (with one eye) using a crosscut saw instead of the power saws that had come out.  It seems Irish was a real hand in the timber camps.  He also believes that Irish was actually born in Ireland.  He recalled that Irish had a couple of sons.  If all of this is so, the Ross McGuire mentioned above as Possible, is likely not him.


            I researched U.S. Federal censuses 1910, 1920, 1930 and 1940 and there was no record of Ross B McGuire again.  I recall that it was in the early 1950’s when I was aware there was a man named Irish McGuire living in Ten Sleep.  I remember because he liked to tease my niece Karen Moses when we would walk together downtown.  Karen’s mother was Irish with the name of McConnell.  Apparently, Irish got a kick out of the little half-Irish girl.    Even as a pre-schooler, Karen was amused at Irish.   Her half-brother, Pat Moses, says Irish was a nice man and he liked him.   I have faint remembrance of Leo D Rhodes sort of taking Irish under his wing.  Irish McGuire was a frequenter of the saloons and for some reason, it seems Leo was helping him—finding odd jobs, watching out for the old man, etc.

MEMORIES:  By the time I remember his existence, he was pretty gray and had a limp.  Irish was short, stocky and listed to one side when he walked.  I believe he also worked with the shearers in some capacity—again, it is vague.   Irish lived on the Roy Sweet property in a small log cabin near the convergence of the Ten Sleep and Nowood creeks.   What makes me think this 1900 Fed Census family of Scullys and McGuire is the right one.  Because Irish always wore a wide leather belt over his bib overalls!  (His Grandpa made belts and his Uncle Thomas made belts, too!)  fb