Tommy  Evans -McMillan

~1900 - 1909



Basin Republican no. 50 June 11, 1909, page 1

Boy Killed By

Lightning Stroke

The following account of the death of Tom McWilliams (McWilliams is the newspaper version.  Further research indicates that the surename was McMillan) by lightning was received from our Hyattville correspondent: On last Friday Dr. Walker was called to see Mrs. Allemand's eight year old boy, who was struct by lightning. Tom McWilliams, son of Mr. and Mrs. McWilliams, of Conon creek, was herding sheep near Mrs. Allemand's house and little Joe Allemand was accompanying him, The children were sitting on the ground when, the lightning struck and killed the McWilliams boy instantly and also struck Joe, tearing off his shoes, tearing large hole in his clothes on the left side and blistering his body, but other- wise not injuring him.

   Little Joe has completely recovered, but poor Tom was killed. Mr. McWilliams' boy was buried at Tensleep, Sunday. The parents have the sympathy of all in the sudden and tragic loss of their son.

  A number of people from Hyattville attended the funeral.


Laramie Republican no. 261 June 16, 1909, page 1

Thomas McWilliams, son of James McWilliams of the Spring creek country, near Hartville, was struck by lightning and instantly killed.


Wind River Mountaineer no. 32 June 17, 1909, page 2

Tom McWilliams, a young lad who was herding sheep, was instantly killed by a bolt of lightning near Hyattville last week. Joe Allemand, another lad who was with him, was stunned but will recover.


News-Journal no. 42 June 25, 1909, Newcastle

Two boys, Tom McWilliams and Joe Allemand, while herding sheep near the Allemand home in Big Horn county, were struck by lightning and the McWilliams boy was instantly killed. The shoes worn by the Allemand boy, were torn from his feet, a large hole was torn in his clothing, and his body blistered, but otherwise he seemed unharmed. The boys were sitting side by side on the ground watching a band of sheep when the bolt struck.


NOTE:  The above newspaper article has Tommy’s Name as McWilliams but the black headstone has the name McMillian.  Which one is correct? Bernice Lyman’s hand written cemetery spiral notebook shows McMillian.  In the early 2000’s, the cemetery board had the black headstone created for Tommy based on the Bernice Lyman notebook.  There is a Tommy buried in grave 11c in the Ten Sleep Cemetery and the evidence in the Newspaper Obituary describes the “Tommy” in 11C.


Terril Mills got a call from Madeline Richardson who is a Pickett.  She is a great lady, was in Ten Sleep in 2004 with her dad who wanted to see if the headstone was in the right spot.  She says that George Pickett 1861-1925 is buried in Washington. We have a headstone for him here too.  So, she did not have an obituary, but will try to find someone with one. 


Find A Grave Reference:


This is the number for George Pickett on Family Search.  KNWH-C37.    This record also states George is buried in Grandview Yakima Washington.


She too verifies that Tommy Evans-Tommy McMillen is the one who was killed by lightning. She says her aunt Minnie Frances Evans-McMillen was the cook for the Spring Creek Allemand family and herders.