Submitted by Faye V. Bell, granddaughter through Millard F Moses, Adele’s third son (SLC) 2017 .


            Adele was born August 14, 1863  to Minerva Jane Perry and Henry Clay Ashwill in Delaware, Delaware, OH.  Her father was serving as a Colonel of the 143rd infantry in the Civil War and her mother daughter of William A Perry and Mary Main was a lonely war bride and of a prominent Quaker family named Perry.  The family of Jane and Henry Ashwill had 8 more children after Della as she was their first born: Alvin, Edna, Arthur, Eugene, James Buchanan, John Randolph, Millard Fillmore and Addie J (Jane?).   The family moved west to Ottawa,  Kansas while she was yet a child.  She attended Emporia Teacher’s college in Emporia, Kansas and was teaching school in Ottawa, Kansas when she met David Bowen Rees Moses recently from Wales; the couple were married July 8, 1887 in Kansas.  They moved further west and were in Rawlins, WY where David mined for coal.  When they had sufficient means he bought a flock of sheep and moved north to the place called Sackett, WY.  When the name of the town was changed, it was through Adele’s instrumentality to call it Ten Sleep. [1]  Indian pictographs on now destroyed canyon walls indicated that it was 10 sleeps (2 hands outspread) tepee, deer and fish between that place and Cody one direction and between that place and Montana borders in the other direction.  They crossed the Nowood creek with a herd of sheep and were challenged by the vigilante of cattlemen ‘not to cross the river.’  But they did!

             They settled upon 160 acres through the U.S. government Homestead Act, #687.  It was dutifully ‘proved upon’ and theirs in the years between 1890-1900.  Patent application 1031.  A portion was dedicated to the valley for a cemetery as shown on the history of the Ten Sleep cemetery.  They were both involved in civic affairs.  Della and Kate Lynch surveyed the township as well.  She taught school at intervals.  The couple had 7 children:  Elizabeth, Arthur, Edna, Mabry, Millard F., Dewey and Florence Jane.  When David was killed in 1901, she resumed school teaching.  Later she married W.E. Morris and there were two children born: a son who died as an infant, and a daughter Mary Lucille Morris.   She lived in Hyattville, WY separate from her Ten Sleep holdings until later when she divorced Morris.  She passed away August 10, 1911 at Hyattville, WY still known as Paintrock, WY, Big Horn County.



[1] Her instrumentality in giving Ten Sleep the name it has today was mentioned in the newspaper across the state; in fact, when she became certified once again to teach school all Wyoming newspapers made note of it!

 She was pretty with striking blue eyes, dark hair and was very precise about her appearance—as per Mellie Jones Bull, she was like something out of a band box when she appeared before her classes as she taught school. – Faye V. Bell