Researched and compiled by Faye Bell (SLC) 2012


Most of the data herein comes from History of Washakie County by

Its people written by Helen Sutherland, grand-daughter of Boyd and Bertha Munsell

Publ 1976


            Boyd Munsell was born in 1875, the 12th child of LaFayette and Lorinda Munsell in Red Cloud, NE.  In 1894 he married Bertha Conover from New Jersey, and the two had four children: Vernon, Irene, Chester and Elsie—all born in Nebraska.  The last two died in infancy.  Boyd farmed, sharecropped and worked for the CB&Q railroad.  In 1914, the two surviving children—Vernon and Irene—and their parents came to Wyoming by train.  Sam Brant, a freighter, picked up Irene and Bertha at Manderson, WY and took them to Ten Sleep where they stayed with Mark Warner; Mark’s wife, Sarah, was Boyd Munsell’s sister. After years of hog raising and raising timothy hay, Boyd bought a lot south of the Victoria ditch from Walter Fiscus and built a two story house in Ten Sleep.  His wife Bertha died in 1935(or 1934).  For awhile he had a second wife that he brought to Ten Sleep, but Boyd Munsell passed away in 1948 in Ten Sleep, even though (according to Helen Sutherland) he had sold all of his residences in the area and had gone to Oklahoma for a time.



Memories:  I remember the lady (and she was a lady)the second wife  that Boyd Munsell brought to share his life after Bertha passed away.  Allegedly, she was a mailorder wife.  It was a very novel thing to do in such a small town, but the new Mrs Munsell was well-bred and pleasant.  If they went to Oklahoma together, I’m thinking she didn’t return.  Fb