Researched and compiled by Faye Bell (SLC) 2013



            Lucy Lavina Noll was born 5 August 1894 to Thomas Travener and Lucy Ann Elizabeth Sommers Pritchard in Pullman, Ritchie, West Virginia [West Virginia Birth Index].  In 1900 the family of  Pritchard were living in Union, Ritchie, West Virginia with Lucy and four other children:  Martha A, Addie M, Scipio C[Cortez] and James J.  In 1910 the T.T. Pritchard family were in Hyattville, Big Horn, Wyoming and were employed in farming there.  The Paintrock Opera House had itís opening night on August 10, 1910 in Hyattville; both T.T. and his daughter Lucy were featured in the band that night.  [from ďPaintrock Tales and Bonanza TrailsĒ publ by Hyattville History Committee in 2008, p. 35.   By 1920 (1900, 1910 and 1920 censuses were used in the research), she was married to John C [Conrad] Noll and the couple had three children:  Kathryn (5) Lucy Louise (4) and John P. (8/12 months).  No more children blessed their home.  They lived in the Nowood River neighborhood for decades and farmed on rented property.   Lucy Pritchard Noll passed away in November of 1977 in advance of  J. Con Noll, her life-long partner.



Memories:  I first became acquainted with Lucy Noll when it was pointed out to me who she was (about 1940).  She appeared to be a strong, capable woman always attired in denim or some other sturdy cloth as if she worked mainly outside.  She wore her medium brown hair (shot with some ash blonde ) in a straight bob.  I understood then that she played the piano so I imagine thatís what she did for the Paintrock Opera House.  Lucy was never overly social, but she was not abrasive in any way.  She and Con had three handsome children named above.  Fb