Researched and compiled by Faye Bell (SLC) 2013


            John Conrad (Con) Noll was born in Germany in 1889 from German born parents.  In 1906 at the age of 17 Conrad Noll immigrated to the United States.  There is a match on the Passenger lists from Bremen to New York showing a Johann Noll and a man named Jacob Noll with the right birth year for Johann and the arrival of August 14, 1906.  Whatever transpired, the young German immigrant found his way to Wyoming where he met and married Lucy Lavina Pritchard in 1914/15.  They lived in Hyattville, Big Horn County, WY and Con and Lucy owned their own home there.  Later, they moved to Ten Sleep area on the Nowood creek and leased and farmed other property.  The couple had three children:  Kathryn, Lucy Louise and John P and, in 1920, the oldest was 5 years old and their only son was 8 months old.  Conrad Noll outlived his wife, Lucy Lavina, by one year.  He passed away in 1978.  [According to the 1930 census, he was considered alien and was not a naturalized citizen.]


Memories:  Con and Lucy drove a green Chevrolet pickup for a number of years.  Usually, it seemed Lucy was behind the wheel.  Everywhere that Con Noll went, a pipe was clinched between his teeth.  He was a small man and the pipe he smoked continually looked like a German-made pipe—more curve and length of stem than U.S. pipes.  Conís move to USA saved him 2 World Wars.  His son, John P Noll, served in the military during WW II. fb



Note:  If the passenger list with Jacob Noll is correct for he and Con Noll.  The two of them came on the Kaiser Wilhelm II ship.