Researched and compiled by Faye Bell (SLC) 2013



            Patricio (Pat) Padilla was born to Mr. and Mrs. Remundo Padilla in Colorado in 1894.  His father was born in New Mexico.  He married Josepha (Josie) Padilla just prior to the 1930 U.S. Census and they lived in Election District No. 2, Washakie County, with Remundo.  He was employed as a sheepherder for Milo B Mills of the Ten Sleep area and was thus employed for a number of years.   The Padillas moved to Ten Sleep town and were housed in an original log house (ca 1890s facing north) in the lot next to Charlie Alexander’s golden log house  (which was later used as a Telephone Office and is still standing).  The Padilla/Mills house has long since been torn down.  The couple had two children:  Donellio [Eduardo] (3) and Santiago (7).   In 1940 on a stifling hot July day, Josie (Josepha) had eaten tuna that had lain in the tin without refrigeration and she passed away from the poisoning.  The two sons were ‘taken-in’ by Billy and Zay Miles from Dry Ten Sleep while Pat, without an alternative, went back to shepherding the Mills sheep likely on Dry Ten Sleep, too.  Pat Padilla a 30-year resident of Washakie County passed away in 1959.




Memories:  Pat Padilla was gentle and humble and wore his sheepherder clothing with dignity and self-possession.  He won a beautiful woman, Josie (born in New Mexico), to be his wife and had two sons—the oldest was about 7 and the youngest 3 years old when their mother passed away.  All that I have heard about Pat Padilla (but it has been another ½ century since I thought of him, is that he was a good employee and not given to drinking, carousing or immoral conduct—just a good, quiet man watching over the flocks of another good man!  I am certain he was devastated at the passing of his young wife. Fb