Frank Patterson

1892 - 1978




NOTE. No local evidence could be found for Frank Patterson, except for the following census’. Many other Frank Patterson’s are in the state.  If this is the one, he dies sometime after 1930.


1910 census, Lost Cabin, Fremont, Wyoming

Frank Patterson, 1y 1m, 1909, born in Wyo., father born in Missouri, mother born in Arkansas.

Father, Leonidas G. Patterson 42y, Mo., Mo., Miss.

Mother, Erma M. Patterson, 34y, 1876 Ark., Va., Ohio


1920 census Election district 1, Washakie, Wyoming

Frank Patterson, 1909, 11y,Wyoming, Mo, Kansas, son in law of  George Rebideaux, Mo, son of  Elsie Rebideaux, 1875 45y Kansas, Va, Va.


1930 census Election district 1, Washakie, Wyoming

Frank Patterson, 1908, 22y, Wyoming, Arkansas, Kansas, single




Terrill Mills research data:



Another Frank Patterson?  The above obituary again matches the dates on the headstone, however he could actually be buried in Crownhill Cemetery, Powell, WY and not in Ten Sleep.


The posted census on our site does not match this Frank Patterson either who was born in 1892, not 1909 as the ones in the posted census say.


Here is the find a grave address for him in Powell.


1900 Census Nebraska Frank Patterson born Oct 1892 Nebraska, father Osbrue Patterson, born in December 1850 Ireland, mother Carlisa F Patterson born Dec 1864 Germany, 1910 also in Nebraska, also in 1920, He marries in Montana in 1921. 1930 and 1940 census show he is in Montana. He has a sister Lizzie as the census and obituary both state.


His wife Ina Lemon is also buried in Powell.


So, is this the right Frank Patterson dates on his headstone, for our Frank Patterson?  There is a Patterson pole patch up our way - i.e., the Mills pasture on the mountain.  Perhaps the Moses boys worked with him. Perhaps the dates are completely wrong and it is another Frank Patterson.  So, perhaps the posted census are for another Frank Patterson who was actually in our area, and that the posted census are the right information and we have the wrong dates posted on the headstone.  Still working on this – Terril Mills April 2016.