Parents are William and Nora Peterson, 1910 census Ten Sleep, Wyoming.  She lived long enough to be in the census.  She had several brothers and sisters.  William is born in 1875 in Ohio and Nora is born in Wisconsin in 1878.


Basin Republican no. 40 March 15, 1912, page 1


L. A. Parker & Co. Dissolves Partnership This Week.

  This firm composed of L. A. Parker & Co. of Hyattville and William Peterson of Tensleep carried a stock which invoiced at about $30,000.  They operated stores in both Hyattville and Tensleep and for a number of years have been leading mercantile establishments in that part of the country.  Owing to the fact that the firm had a large amount of book accounts it was thought for a time that an assignment would be make, but this was obviated and a complete settlement satisfactory to all creditors has been made.  L, A. Parker will retire from the mercantile business and devote his time to ranching near Hyattville.

   The Tensleep business of the firm was purchased by William Peterson and H. T. Church, who will conduct the business there as a partnership in the future.

   William Peterson has long been manager of the Tensleep store and is well known and liked in that community. The addition of the name of K. T. Church to the firm will add to the financial responsibility of the company and be a guarantee of its stability.