Researched and compiled by Faye Bell (SLC) 2012



            Iona Pearl was born in Missouri in February 1880 as per the 1900 U.S. Federal Census.  She met Bill Pearl in Missouri and they were married there in 1897.  Their first and only child shown alternately as Robert Charles Pearl and Charles R Pearl (in different census records) was born in 1898.  It appears the family lived in Grant, DeKalb, MO  until they left Missouri and moved to Wyoming after the birth of their youngest grandchild, C J Pearl, in 1934.  They found a place in Ten Sleep, Washakie County, WY and through the beneficence of some town officials, Iona was hired to run the telephone office (in the days of two shorts and one long ring, etc.) with a switchboard.  It is believed she did this until most residents had telephone service.  She passed away in 1950.



Memories:  Always neatly garbed in her cotton housedress and flounced with an apron, Iona took care of the town’s ‘out-of-town’ contacts and Bill took the messages that people were wanted at the telephone office for an unexpected call.  She made a call for me when I was eleven years old to Dr. Harmon of Worland to care for Fae V Moses, my mother.  Iona was always courteous and prompt.  Fb


Newspaper date: 6/15/1960