Researched and compiled by Faye V Bell (SLC) 2012


            Carl Audley Pickett was born 8 April 1894 in Clifton, OK (WW I draft data) to George C and Elysia W Pickett.  By 1910, the U.S. Federal Census shows Carl A Pickett living in Bonanza, Big Horn Co, WY with his parents and brothers Birt and Noble and his sisters Bonnie and Dora D Pickett.  In 1917, Carl married Echo Sweet of Worland, WY and the couple lived on Lower Nowood; Echo taught at the Mann (Pickett) school for the term 1916/1917.  Carl and Echo were education-minded and he served on the local schoolboard for 7 years.  The Picketts had 5 children: Otis, Wayne, Donald, Arlen and Carlene and all are reported as being successful and family-minded.  Farming the Lower Nowood was his lifelong occupation until he retired to Ten Sleep in 1957.   His death is recorded on the Social Security death registration as February 1985, his last residence given as Casper, Natrona, WY.



Memories:  Carl A Pickett was a big quiet man, a good neighbor and reticent citizen..  Best remembered in his bib denim overalls and with his dark hair a little long on the collar quietly going about his own affairs.   When their son Wayne was born (Wayne’s twin died at birth); and then when Wayne was a teenager he was afflicted with infantile paralysis (polio) and spent a long time in Casper, WY in an iron lung.  Carl’s youngest child, Carlene, was situated in Casper when she reached adulthood.  I speculate he was staying with Carlene when he passed away in Casper, WY. Fb