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Researched and compiled by Faye V Bell (SLC) 2012


Some of these data come from the autobiography of Randall Murray Prevo,

Son of William Henry and Florence Jane Prevo



            William Henry (Bill) Prevo was born in Lucas, Iowa on 15 October 1885.  He came West shortly before WW I to visit his Uncle Alva Bert Arnold in Ten Sleep, WY.  When the U.S. entered the war, he joined the Army along with the Moses boys: Arthur, Mabry and Millard F. (his future brothers-in-law) and was assigned to the 91st Division with them.  All four of them were in France.  Bill was wounded in France and lost hearing in one ear.  He married Florence (Jane) Moses in 1920, they were in Ten Sleep briefly while Bill tried managing a service station.   From there, he went to work for an Oil company in Casper and the family prospered through that position.  In Casper, they had two children: Randall Murray and Phyllis Prevo born 1921 and 1924, respectively.   By 1930, they were in Manderson where they took up farming along the merged Paintrock and Nowood rivers.  During WW II, Bill joined the Marines and though he wanted to see action, he was put on guard duty in San Francisco.   Jane lived in California and waited his enlistment out.  The couple moved back to Wyoming after WW II and Jane stayed in Worland while Bill worked on the Manderson farm, but Bill got tired of that and joined the Merchant Marines(that may not be the case).  William  Henry Prevo took his own life in Sept/Oct 1952 in Manderson,  WY“  His survivors were his wife Jane, Randall and Phyllis Prevo Hillhouse (later Strong) and a number of grand sons and daughters.


Memories:  A rough and tumble sort of fellow that blustered about a lot of things: nations, politics, warfare and sometimes “warmed up” by liquor, Bill was hard for a child to feel comfortable around (especially myself as I was pretty timid when I knew Bill Prevo, but   “It might have been hard to keep ‘em down on the farm, after they’d seen Paree”) fb  The Prevos were not divorced and Jane did not




Newspaper date: 10/1/1952  and 10/4/1952