Edgar Parker Pyle



Some History (Probably written by James Pyle)
     Uncle Oscar (Hoback, Mary Electa Pyle's brother, uncle to Jim Pyle, Florence Lurana Coleman and Edna Lucile Greet) came back to Illinois for Christmas 1907 and Dad who had allways been interested in the west went out to Nowood early in the Spring where Oscar had a job for him with Noble and Bragg working on the ranch at Nowood.  The family then sold our possessions at a farm sale and came on out. We arrived March 8, 1908 and moved into the Cornell house on the upper end of the Bragg ranch where the big lambing sheds were being built.  Uncle Oscar was blacksmith for the ranch and the surrounding trade.  (Largely sheep outfits).
     We lived in the Cornell house until fall when Florence got a job teaching school at Nowood and Bragg got us to move to the "Cook shack" at Nowood and mother cooked there while Dad continued to work on the ranch.  Meanwhile Florence who had met George Coleman the summer before when he was freighting thru to the railroad at Moneta.  Married him that spring, April 1909.  This was also the April of the Ten Sleep raid.
     Our mother who was finding the cooking to hard for her and was also homesick for the east got Dad to take us back.  We got as far as Sedalia, Mo. where Dad got a job on the R. R. section at Hughsville, Mo.  We only stayd there perhaps a couple of months.
     When we returned west.  George and Florence met us with the freight outfit on their way to Casper.  We went with them as far as Wolton then returned to Nowood where Dad worked for the Brower ranch at what is now called "Lone Tree."       
Source: Handwritten document in the possession of Charles Pyle, loaned to the Fred Drake's, 2002-2004.


Obituary from a newspaper.  
     Edgar Parker Pyle, youngest child of Joseph G. and Catherine Long Pyle, was born May 30, 1858, near Griggsville, Illinois, and departed this life February 15, 1929, at his home near Big Trails, Wyo.  His age was 70 years, 8 months and 16 days.
     His early life was spent in the vicinity of Griggsville.  On October 30, 1880 he was married to Mary Electa Hoback.  To this union were born eight children, five of who passed away in early childhood.
     In the year 1908 he brought his wife and family to Wyoming, and homesteaded near Big Trails, where they have since resided.
     He is survived by one sister, Mrs. Miza Lame of Atlanta, Georgia, three children, Mrs. Florence Coleman of Binghamton, New York, Mrs. Edna Greet, James Pyle of Big Trails, and five Grandchildren, Arthur Coleman, George, Marjorie, James and Neil Greet.
     Funeral services were held at Ten Sleep yesterday afternoon and the remains laid at rest in the cemetery at that place.