Researched and compiled by Faye V Bell (SLC) 2014

††††††††††† Charles ARenner was born in Basin, WY February 23,(1922) to Mr. and Mrs. Homer Renner.The Renners had three other sons: William G, James S, and George W Renner.The family were well known in the Big Horn Basin area, to wit: Brokenback, Hyattville, and Ten Sleep.Charles was schooled at Brokenback, Hyattville and Ten Sleep as well.He joined the U.S. Air Corps in June of 1943 and was sent to cadet school at Fennís College, Cleveland, OH.He served in the European Theater of Operation in WW II and flew 27 missions from which he was awarded a number of medals.†† In August 1945 he married Cherie Bosch, daughter of Albert Bosch of Worland, WY.The couple had two sons:Kenneth Mathew and Russell Glen.He died of Leukemia at the Veteranís Hospital at Fort Logan, CO in May 20, 1950. He was preceded in death by his second son, Russell Glen, who died August 1949 while he was survived by his parents, his brothers and his widow, Cherie B Renner.