Rhodes, Charles 

          Researched and compiled by Faye Bell (SLC) 2012 

          Charles S (Chuck) Rhodes was born in Wyoming 10 Feb 1922  to Leo D Rhodes and his wife Ida.  One brother had already joined Leo and Ida—Lawrence L Rhodes and another, Erwin Dale would be born in 1928.  Chuck was a scholar and an athlete playing basketball for Ten Sleep H.S. and graduated from Ten Sleep High School.  He married Jackie ca. 1943 and she was expecting when Chuck was killed.  He was a 2nd LT in the Army Air Force Base in Texas when his plane went down over Arizona on the 24 September 1944.  His widow gave birth to a son Danny Rhodes after she was widowed.  He preceded his parents, his brothers and his wife Jackie in his early demise.


Memories:  Chuck Rhodes was sandwiched between his brothers Lawrence (Dusty) and Erwin D (Dale).  Both of his brothers were par excellent in all they undertook. Dale was salutatorian of his graduating class.  Chuck was ‘tall, dark and handsome’ as all the Rhodes’ men were.  There was a funeral held for Charles S Rhodes in the Ten Sleep High School auditorium when his body was returned for burial.  His mother never ceased to sorrow for him and tears were always close when she thought of her son or mentioned him.  Fb

Daily News  30 Sept 1944