Researched and Compiled by Faye V Bell, SLC (2012)



††††††††††† Ida M Rhodes was born in 1894 in Pocahontas, Randolph Co, Arkansas, to Charles and Mary Streiff.Mary Streiff passed away in 1896 leaving the two-year old child motherless.Charles Streiff and Ida are shown on the 1910 Federal Census residing in Canada, Labette, Kansas.On June 4, 1917, Ida Streiff and Leo D Rhodes were married in Denver, CO.†† Mr. and Mrs. Rhodes parented 3 sons: Leo Lawrence (Dusty), Charles S (Chuck) and Erwin D (Dale).All three sons were educated in Ten Sleep schools and were involved in school activities and scholarship.Their father served 18 years on the school board.Ida was community minded, attending The Ladies Aid Society of the Methodist church; is listed as a member of the Wyoming Historical Society, the Ten Sleep Community Club and of War Mothers and actively involved in her husbandís many ventures and in his community service as well.††† During WW II (1944), their son, 2nd Lt. Charles S Rhodes was killed in an airplane accident over Texas in service with the Army Air Force, and thus, preceded his mother Ida in death.The Rhodes celebrated their golden wedding anniversary June 4, 1967.Ida M Rhodes passed away in 1971.Her posterity consisted of three sons and 5 grandchildren.