Researched and compiled by Faye V Bell ( SLC) 2014



            Anita Joan Riddle was the second daughter born to Robert Leroy Riddle and Francis Brown, his wife.   She was born in 1930.  Her older siblings were her brother Robert Eugene  and sister Lois.   She had been very ill and the family had treated her within the walls of their own home for some time (nearly 3 weeks).  On Monday April 14, 1934, they took the four-year old to the hospital in Worland to help her get well.  Instead, she steadily worsened and by Friday, April 19th, Anita Joan passed away.  The family were broken hearted over their loss.


Memories:  Although Anita Joan was only a few months younger than I, I never knew the little girl.  However, Kenneth Riddle was born to Bob and Frances about four years after her passing. The Riddles were a close family and the older children were good students in the Ten Sleep school.  fb