Melvin Riddle

1929 – 1989


Researched and Compiled by Faye Bell(SLC) 2013


Melvin Riddle was born the third child of Pearl Simpson and Charles Riddle in December 1929 in Ten Sleep, WY.  He joined a sister Nina Fae Riddle and a brother Mabry Riddle.  His mother remarried and two more siblings were born: Walter Dale Stevens and Joyce Stevens thus making Melvin one of five

 Children.  He resided in Wyoming, Washington, and California, but ended up settling in Ten Sleep, WY about 1966.  Melvin made his living doing odd jobs as a handyman about the town and his Aunt Nina (Simpson) Baird Myers oversaw his needs when the occasion demanded and out of her charitable heart.  Melvin passed away in 1989 – preceded in death by both of his parents and his sister Nina Fae Riddle who died at a very young age.  Survivors are his brother Mabry Riddle and his brother Walt and sister Joyce of the Stevens family.


Memories: Melvin was small in stature and it appeared he had problems learning and functioning on an adult level.  I was told that he had developed a virus that caused his temperature to elevate dangerously and after that he was unable to live a normal life.  (Geo. Dewey Moses said that in Wahington state when he was less that 12 he had a flourishing paper route which required normal skills to handle.) fb