Researched and compiled by Faye Bell (SLC) 2012


          Louis Rosetti (of Italian nationality) was born in Wyoming in 1918 and in 1930 he was living with Roy and Vera Mason on the Lower Nowood and is described as a boarder with the couple.  Also, with the Masons was Louis Rosetti’s brother George Rosetti ( age 14).  They were foster children of the Mason’s according to the understanding of Ten Sleep citizenry.  Because they were on the Lower Nowood, they likely attended the Mann School in that vicinity.  When George was 14 he died of a ruptured appendix (as appeared to be common knowledge in Ten Sleep).  By 1940, Louis Rosetti was a lodger at the house of Harry Barnes and his wife Maggie.  Also, a local young man named Clarence Duncan was at the same residence.  Both were well acquainted with Ten Sleep people.  The location of the home was South of the Sugar Factory in Worland, WY.  Louis was 23 and Clarence 25.  When the U.S. was bombed at Pearl Harbor, HI, Louis became a member of the U.S. Air Force and served in the European theatre.  According to military reports, the plane he was in flying over Spain in April of 1943 was shot down.  Louis Rosetti never returned from the war.  It seemed to be common knowledge that his insurance policy was made out with Annie M McCreery as beneficiary (she had taken him in during the first year or two of the war.)  He was a friend of the McCreery young men when he left for service. 


Memories:  I do not recall having ever seen Louis Rosetti unless he was one of the passengers in Quaker’s jalopy  (Clinton McCreery) before he left for the service, too!  Everyone in town was familiar with Quaker’s car “Quaker Oats”  and “capacity 1 gal” written all over it and turning corners on two spindly wheels.  When Louis was announced a casualty of war, the town felt deeply for his years of orphaned loneliness.  fb




Ten Sleep Class of 1935

Left to right: Scottie “Chinney” Duncan, Tom Bader, Vernon Ludwig, Lawrence “Dusty” Rhodes, Les Kirkpatrick,

Clint McCreery, Harold “Hap” Warner, Morgan Brown, Goldie Bull, Louie Rosseti, Clara Allen, Frank Williams, Virginia Nelson,               A. J. Schnorr-Superintentant, Viro-------------------------------, Teacher.