Basin Republican no. 2 May 24, 1907, page 1

Misses Huldah and Florence Brown visited with Mrs. Ainsworth last Sunday.


Basin Republican no. 14 August 16, 1907, page 1

Huldah Brown was home a few days last week visiting friends.


Worland Grit no. 40 August 22, 1912, page 4


   Mrs. Huldah Rachel Shepard died at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Brown, at their home near Big Trails, on August 8th.

   Huldah Rachel Brown was born in Cherry County, Nebraska, on October 19th 1888.  On November 9th 1907 she was married to Mr. Shepard.

   Mr. Shepard was in Canada at the time of her death and was unable to reach Tensleep in time for the funeral.

   The funeral services were held at Tensleep on Saturday, August 10th, and Rev. Shepherd, of Worland, conducted them.


Worland Grit no. 40 August 22, 1912, page 4

Basin Republican no. 10 August 16, 1912, page 8


   We wish to thank all of our friends and neighbors who assisted us during the sickness and death of our beloved daughter Huldah, and to thank those who gave those beautiful flowers.  Their kindness will never be forgotten.

  Mr. and Mrs. F. P. Brown and family, and Mr. and Mrs. Jake Goodrich and family.


1900 census Red Bank, Big Horn, Wyoming

Huldah R. Brown, Born in Nebraska October 1888, Father Franklin P. Brown born Dec. 1849 in Kentucky and mother Eliza Brown born June 1862 in Minnesota.


1910 census, Red Bank, Big Horn, Wyoming

Huldah Shepherd is born in 1889 in Nebraska. She is living with her parents, Franklin P. Brown born in Kentucky in 1850 and her mother Eliza A. Brown born in Minnesota in 1863. Huldah has been married for two years and has one child born and living, but not listed here.