Baby Saban

March 3, 2014 – March 3, 2014


Terrill Mills data: Confirmation from Helen Saban and from Judy Rannells who is descended from a Rannells-Saban marriage, that the Saban Baby in the cemetery was not born in 1909, but was born and died on 3 March 1914.  To view him on family Search, go to number LKB8-RLZ .  Terril Mills April 2016








Individual Report for Baby Saban








Individual Summary:


Baby Saban












































George Saban










Bertha Amanda WHALEY













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1909? Or 2014? in Ten Sleep Cemetery, Ten Sleep, Washakie Co, Wyoming, Lot 66A owned by George Saban











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Person Notes:


    George Saban and Bertha Whaley were married iin 1897, just before the Spanish American War.  They eventually had six children, two of whom died at early ages.  SOURCE: The Shell Valley; An Oral History of Frontier Settlement, A Project of the Shell Centennial Celebratiion, Shell, Wyominng, 1986, page 106.