1892-1959 or 1864 – 1939 or ??


Researched and compiled by Faye V. Bell (SLC) 2017


            On the 1900 census for Spring Creek, Wyoming public to all through Ancestry-com, John F (Fletcher) Buckmaster is listed with his wife Mary J (Jennings) Buckmaster and the following children: Fred, Edith, Lennie, William, and Clara.  In the book Vanguards of the Valley [1]  the 1900 Spring Creek census as taken from the film was: John F and Mary Buckmaster and their children  Lenore, William, Clara and Mike.  Several times in obits published by the Worland Grit and likely put together in haste and by persons other than the Buckmaster family, there is a definite error in calling the sons of the above couple as William , Lennie and Mike.   Lenore (Lennie) was born in 13 December 1891 to the couple according to the California Death Index  and her death date as 17 September 1959 in San Diego: MotherŐs maiden name, Jennings, FatherŐs surname Buckmaster and Linnie as Linnie Brown Buckmaster.  She had married Earl Brown.   In the 1920 U.S. census she was living in San Diego and md to Earl Brown with children Mary Gladys Brown age 6; Leslie Earl Brown age 5 and Perle Virginia Brown under 1 year.  These census reports make it likely that Lenore (Lennie, Linnie) was married to Earl Brown by ca 1913.

            She has been buried under the name of Shepard, but the time frame makes it difficult to determine if she married a Shepard after Earl  Brown died É.? But Clara (Topsy) Buckmaster Bull had a daughter Goldie who md a Shepard and some confusion might have reined in this instance for Topsy is also John Fletcher and Mary BuckmasterŐs daughter Clara.


More puzzle pieces/questions:

1.     Lenore Shepard (1864- 1939) is not mentioned in Bernice LymanŐs notes.   We canŐt find an obituary for her. 

2.     GlenŐs 1st wife Lenore (1906 – 1941) is buried in 84A.  The newspaper clearly says that GlenŐs 1st wife was Lenore.     Note – the spelling of LenoreŐs name on our cemetery records. Does not agree with the newspaper.  Should we to change Leona to Lenore to agree with the newspaper article?  My guess is yes we should make the change.

3.     Glen (1910 – 1979) is Buried in 84B.  He is the son of Hulda (Brown) Shepard (1888 – 1912).

4.     Alice Shepard (1919 – 1966), GlenŐs 2nd wife , is buried next to him in 84C

5.     LenoreŐs obituary (1906 – 1941) suggests there may be a 2nd  person buried in 84A.  It reads, ŇÉInterment will be in the Ten Sleep Cemetery beside her husbandŐs mother and sister.  Does husbandŐs mother and sister mean GlenŐs Mother and GlenŐs Sister?  Or GlenŐs MotherŐs sister?  LenoreŐs (1906 – 1941) husband,Ős  (GlenŐs) mother is Huldah Rachel Brown Shepard who is buried in 85A – 2 graves west of 85a.

6.     It is possible that Lenore (1864 - 1939) could be HuldahŐs sister who was married to a man with surname of Shepard.

7.     Also, HuldahŐs mother (Eliza Brown 1864 – 1927) is buried in 85E just west (or next to) of LenoreŐs grave..


             Bottom line is we  donŐt  have  definitive information for the Lenore Shepard buried in  84A.  Is her birth/date (1892 – 1959) or is it (1864 – 1939)?  It also could be neither.  The black haeadstones in the Ten Sleep Cemetery are a result of a cemetery project (circa 2000) to provide a stone for those buried in the cemetery but had either no marker or a marker that was unreadable.  The dates on the stone may be incorrect.  Since the existing stone marks the spot for Lenore Shepard (1864 – 1939),  the cemetery will continue to use the stone dates for the Lenore Shepard buried in 84a.    When the black headstone was created, the cemetery board authorized the 1864 – 1939 but there are no notes in the cemetery minutes as to why these dates were given to the stone cutter.  If more accurate data turn up or are found in other research, changes can be made to identify this woman more properly at that time. 


[1] Author, Faye V Bell, 1985, SLC, UT