1911 - 1958


Obituary (taken from the book The Ashwill Account (authored by Faye V Bell)

(NOTE:  Paul’s ancestry goes through his mother Elizabeth Moses to Adele Ashwill)


            Paul Merton Simpson was born to Bessie and Bert (Elizabeth and Robert Ingersoll) Simpson of Ten Sleep, Wyoming, July 16, 1911.  To all appearances, his manner was as mild as his blue eyes.  He married Ann Williams, widow of William (Bill) Williams of Ten Sleep in the late 1930’s.  He had no children of his own, but he was step-father to Betty Ann Williams, Bill William’s daughter. For a time after he left Ten Sleep, he owned and operated Paul’s Wrecking Yard in Powell, Wyoming.


A newspaper clipping from Powell says “Sgt Paul M Simpson will be remembered in Powell in his civilian capacity as owner of Paul’s Wrecking Yard in Powell.  He is now in the armed service with an overseas outfit—Combat Command B of the tenth Armored division.  This outfit was commended by Major General Troy H Middleton, the commanding officer, for their most excellent work in the defense of Bastogne, Belgium.  [This heroic action took place December 1944-January 1945 (Wikepedia, Google].  The article in the paper quotes Colonel W L Roberts, U.S. Army, “I doubt,” he says “that service has been rendered by an armored unit in the U.S. army which ran parallel the              accomplishment of this splendid group of officers and men.”


Paul is recorded as saying that the whole division nearly froze to death in that battle in the forests of Germany (annotated by his sister Bernadine Simpson Leafdale to Faye V Bell for the above family history 1988).  After the 2nd World War, Paul returned to Powell and Thermopolis, WY areas and again operated a garage.  He built his own racing car while in Thermopolis.  Paul Merton Simpson, passed away in Thermopolis, WY in 1958 at the age of 48 of a blood clot that had entered his chest cavity.