Compiled by Faye Bell (SLC) 2012


          Pauline (no known maiden name) Thompson was born in Montana 23 October 1905.  Before she came to Ten Sleep, she had married and that experience had ended in divorce.  She had two daughters Edna (who md Leland Feathers of Worland, WY) and Tiny.  (Apologies are made that it wasn’t possible to follow a lead where more than one maiden name or married name was unknown.)  She was known to many Ten Sleep people when she was a resident of Worland, WY and worked as a waitress in the Worland Café on main street of Worland.  In the late 1940’s she came to Ten Sleep as the wife of Ira W (Jack) Thompson.  The couple had a small log  house on the corner a block east of the Adventist Church location.  One March day in 1950, Jack Thompson was walking up the street from their home and had a heart attack and passed away.  Pauline stayed on in Ten Sleep and worked at Rhodes Hardware store as a clerk for many years.  She was a member of the Church of Jesus Christ, LDS.  She passed away in November of 1979 in Worland, WY. (Information on Pauline’s birth and death came from SS Death Index.)  The rest was personal knowledge and trusting to the faults of memory.



Memories:  In her earlier years as a waitress at the Worland Café, she had a head of heavy auburn hair and was slim and diligent—a very efficient waitress.  What I know of her personally is that she liked to hire the small children to do chores for her so they could earn a little spending money.  My own smallest child would visit Pauline and enjoyed it.  She rode with me to Church nearly every Sunday for some time before we left Ten Sleep in 1968.

One night in October 1967, I got home from Church meetings and there was a message for me to call Pauline.  I did and she was in trouble with her heart.  By the time I got there she had turned blue, we got the ambulance and all was well.  Vic Olsen drove the ambulance to Worland.  She survived 12 more years, but I believe she was never strong as before.   Pauline told me once that Jack (Ira W) Thompson was the kindest man she knew!   fb