Compiled by Faye V. Bell (SLC)

            Esther D. Tolman was the only daughter of Israel Daugherty, Sr., and his wife, Thelma Rice.  Thelma was the daughter of Ted Rice,Sr. and lived on the Ten Sleep creek farming area.  She was born 23 June 1924 in Ten Sleep.   A sister Mildred Daugherty (b  1921) died in 1923 by drowning.   She had one brother, Israel Daugherty, Jr.  born in 1927, but  her mother passed away when Esther was about 5 years of age on July 15, 1928. They lived in what is known as Dixon Canyon on the Daugherty ranch, attended Ten Sleep schools and were well taken care of.  For a long time, a mother figure was lacking, but a woman named Bertha Lewis took over for a number of years and Bertha’s daughter, LaVonne also lived with the Daugherty family.  Esther graduated from H.S. in Ten Sleep in 1942.

            Esther married Farrell (Tuffy) Tolman, son of Cy Tolman July 26, 1943 in Portland, Oregon, where they lived for awhile, but the two lived on mostly in the Ten Sleep valley until their individual passings in the year of 1992.  She was a hard worker, a beautician, worked at the Shriver Drug Store for a season and in all, contributed to the family income some way always.  The couple had no children.


Memories:  Esther was vigorous, cleanly, and personally self-contained.  Not a big woman but a woman with stamina and ability.  fvb