Researched and compiled by Faye V. Bell (SLC) 2017


                  Hattie was born 7 December 1918 (7 December 1919) in Cuba, Crawford, Missouri, to William and Guyula White Fleming.  The couple were separated and later Guyula married Ben Story.  They were still living in Missouri until U.S. census report of 1940 at LeeÕs Summit, Jackson County, Missouri, where she is noted as a student.  The same year she is picked up on the Lovell, WY, 1940 census as Hattie Story, Student Nurse.  She married Woodrow Wilson Tolman in Greybull, WY the same year.  The couple had three sons: Guy, Mike and Chuck Tolman.  The family living was involved with Cy and Gray Tolman for awhile in the Ten Sleep area,  spent a  number of years in Buffalo, WY and  later on at Newcastle, WY and she died in Newcastle, Wyoming 12 Mar 2010. 


Personal knowledge of Hattie Tolman in Ten Sleep.--She was a very attractive woman, small and blonde and moved briskly whenever she was in public.  IÕve seen her coming up the alley from the vicinity of the Flagstaff many times—always dressed well and seemingly very self-contained.  fvb