1858- 1933



            Delilah Warner was born in Kansas (one source says Indiana) 1858 and married Jonas (Jonah) Troutman about 1883 in Kansas as well.  He was a merchant in 1900 census.  The couple had two sons: M:.  LeRoy and Joe E ; eventually, they found their way to Wyoming where  Cora Troutman Conner (md G.F.A. Conner) lived.  Fred and Cora lived in Ten Sleep on the alley behind the tourist camp of little log cabins on Main street in the 1930Ős.   On the main street, a large barn was erected and the loft was used to house M. LeRoy Troutman (widower) and his son, Donald L Troutman (1927-2008)[1] lived temporarily after his mother Delilah passed away in 1933. All of these persons were born and resided in Lincoln, Kansas for a number of years.    During their time in Ten Sleep, Conner and Wood ran a grocery store on main street.  The store was sold to Sam McPike of Worland and thereafter, the Conner family were also gone.  The Conners were devout Seventh Day Adventists and of good repute.




[1] Donald Troutman and his father, M. LeRoy  Troutman, stayed for about 1 year in the loft of the barn and then left.  My family lived across the street  from the barn and experienced some concern for their comfort for them.