(1886  T O  1925)



Researched and compiled by Faye Bell (SLC)



            Joseph Elmer Troutman was born in Kansas on 7 September 1886 to Jonas C Troutman and his wife Delila Warner.  They lived in South Haven, KS for a time and that is likely the birthplace of Joe Troutman.  His sister Cora Belle Troutman married George Frederick Aaron Conner and they lived in Ten Sleep.  Jonas had been a vendor, merchant, businessman been in Kansas and Cora and George Conner started up a merchandising business in Ten Sleep, Big Horn county early on as the couple were married in 1907.  They spent the rest of their life in the Ten Sleep and Big Horn Basin area.  They were strong advocates for the Adventist Church and it is believed that Joe E (as he was known as) didnŐt marry; if so, there appears to be no available record to verify one way or the other.  He passed away on 25 April 1925.